Gear Pumps

Special Designed Gear Pumps

When standard pumps cannot meet the requirements of the process, specially designed gear pumps might be able to do the trick.

RUBBER – Compounding Pump

The Witte rubber compounding pump is designed and manufactured for rubber processing.

PURO – Food Grade Pump

Food grade pump - Easy to clean and individually tuneable

POLY – Reactor Extraction Pump

High-pressure gear pump for the discharge of medium to high viscosity media from the reactor.

EXTRU – Extrusion Gear Pump

The reliable extrusion gear pump for standard applications or customized for difficult processes

BOOSTER – Polymer Processing Pump

The reliable transfer and booster gear pump for polymer processing

CHEM – Chemical Gear Pump

Gear pump suitable for various applications.

CHEM-MINI – Low Flow Gear Pump

Gear pump for conveying and metering of fluids with low to medium viscosity.