Viscosity & Rheology Measurements

Viscosity and Rheology measurements by Flowlink BV


For many of our products and systems the viscosity and rheological properties are the starting point of the design. These properties are however not always available. We can support you with rheology measurements. This can be done quite simple but also thourough dependant on the product properties and proces requirements.

A standard viscosity meter can be used to determine the average viscosity at a given temperature. A rheometer is used for more extensive rheological research. The viscosity and shear, temperature and time dependancy can be determined.

Our equipment can be used for low vicous liquids (like alcohol, solvents and water), very high viscous fluids (like bitumen, rubber, plastics) and everything in between. Measuring at high temperature and pressure is also possible.

Please contact us if you have any products which need to to be rheologically determined.

N.B. Our viscosity and reology measurements are executed in cooperation with Inven Technology Benelux BV