Underwater pelletizing system type ips-UWG-S

ips Underwater pelletizing system

The ips-UWG 75 S and ips-UWG 120 S series are suited to underwater pelletizing of practically all thermoplastics.
The throughput of the ips-UWG 75 S ranges between 100 kg/h and 720 kg/h, depending on the application and the pellet size.
The larger ips-UWG 120 S series guarantees a maximum throughput of 2,500 kg/h with best pellet quality.

The complete ips-UWG-S underwater pelletizing system entails a melt pump, polymer diverter valve, die plate with pelletizing unit, process water system and pellet dryer.
With the ergonomic ips operating system, the complete system is controlled by means of a graphic touch-user interface.

An application and customer-specific arrangement of the complete system is possible at any time thanks to the modular design of the pelletizing system.


  • Simple, manual single-hand locking system of the cutting chamber with additional automatic locking and safety monitoring
  • Simple change of the cutter hub
  • The pelletizing unit with swivelling system offers the best possible accessibility for operation and maintenance of the system
  • The pelletizing unit is located on a moveable machine base frame; this design offer optimum accessibility underneath the polymer diverter valve
  • New automatic pressure adjustment of the knives
  • Process monitoring with automatic shutdown
  • Wear indication of the knives and display torque pelletizer drive
  • Cartridge heater monitoring with position indication
  • Agglomerate catcher with automatic ejection
  • Pellet dryer with frequency-controlled ventilator and integrated water separator at the exhaust air outlet