Turbulent mixing

Static Mixers for low viscosity / high Reynolds number flows

Static mixers can significantly reduce the time required for mixing processes if the flow in the tube is turbulent. Special mixing elements are used here to form the vortex.
Mixing and homogenisation take place in the downstream mixer tube. Two mixer designs have proved particularly successful in the last few years: the Aquamix slide-in mixer for installation in existing tubes and the Vortix housing-type mixer, which can be supplied in several different designs and materials (metal or plastic).

Construction Materials

  • Stainless Steel (316/304)
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium
  • Carbon steel

Mixing Elements

  • Different geometrics
  • nonremovable/removable


  • Including housing/Elements only
  • Injection nozzles


  • AD2000 / PED
  • ASME


  • ø3 mm upto DN1000  (larger sizes on request)