System Engineering & Development

Continuous Mixing System with multiple additive injections

The Flowlink CMS system integrates the accurate dosing function with an efficiënt mixing function to one complete Coninuous Mixing System.
With the system it is possible to mix-in various additives in a continuous product flow.
The intgrated flow control system ensures accurate dosing of the additves inthe main product flow.

From low to high flow volumes:

The Flowlink CMS can be designed from low to high flow volumes.
Starting at ±1 ml/min up to several m3/hr.

Efficient Mixing

The Fluitec static mixers ensure efficiënt mixing and homogenisation of the main product flow with the additive(s).
The mixer should be designed in such way that the most difficult mixing task of the system is feasible.
Viscosity and density differences and dosing ratio’s should be taken into account when designing the specific mixer.
Below video shows high viscosity ratio’s being mixed in a continuous flow.

System Control (Standard or Custom)

The system can be controlled via our own dedicated PLC/SPS system.
This control system is very flexible and specialy designed of accurate dosing of various fluids.
To a certain extent this system can be adapted to the clients requirement.

Since our products are designed to client specifications we can also design the complete control system according specific requirements.
Our systems can also be supplied with client specific PLC brands and integration of addition electronic equipment is also feasible.
Communcation with the clients existing DCS/SCADA can be made possible ensuring system remote monitoring and (for instance) remote start/stop functions.