Static Mixers

Static Mixers

Static mixers are widely used in the chemical and food industry. They are used for mixing liquids and gases with each other and to homogenize the flow.

The liquids or gasses are mixed by the pump with the geometrically defined mix elements which remain in their position (static). The most important feature is that only the medium is in motion. This in contrast to dynamic mixers. This reduces maintenance costs.

Static mixers are used for a wide range of applications:

  • Mixing of fluids
  • Mixing of insoluble fluids
  • Mixing of reactive fluids
  • Mixing and homogenizing of polymers
  • Mixing of gasses
  • Temperature homogenization of high viscous fluids


Example of a static mixing process

Process conditions of the application in the video

Laminar flow profile
5% additive mixing
Viscosity ratio: 1:10.000

No wear

Mechanical wear is absent in a static mixer since there are no moving parts.
This makes the static mixers a long lasting equipment within the process.
Since static mixers can be made out various different materials chemical can mostly also be eliminated.


The static mixers are designed in a way that they are highly self-cleanable.
This makes them suitable for CIP (Clenaing In Place) applications in for instance the food industry.
When physical cleaning is required, the mixers can be designed with removable mixing elements.
this makes cleaning of the elements possible.