Residence Time/Plug Flow Reactors

When conducting chemical reactions residence time distribution can be very important.
It has an influence on the yield  of the reaction, which ultimately influences the decision whether a reaction process is economically interesting.

In many reactions, conversion rates > 80% tend to be achieved within a few seconds or minutes. However, in continuous reaction systems additional residence time sections are installed downstream to enable nearly maximum conversion > 99%. These downstream residence time sections consist of long pipes, ideally with CSE-X static mixers or CSE-XR mixer / heat exchangers attached in order to facilitate complete conversion. If designed correctly, static mixers also have plug flow characteristics in laminar flow conditions. As a result of this, residence time reactors with Fluitec CSE-X mixers or CSE-XR mixer / heat exchangers can have a flow velocity of no more than 1 to 5 mm/s – equivalent to a reactor length of between 1.5 and 3m for a residence time of 30 minutes, for example. Thanks to these special process properties, Fluitec CSE-X mixers and CSE-XR mixer / heat exchangers are ideal for carrying out chemical reactions.

Flow rates down to even a few ml/min can be achieved with a good residence time distribution in our residence time reactors.

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