Pellet Classifier Screens

Granulate size classifiers

For screening multiple granular particle sizes.

Trendelkamp classifiers make your continuous screening application easy. The proven linear oscillation causes the material to slide on the screen surface and thus prevents the individual particles from bouncing. The drive of the TK-K is frequency controlled and individually adjustable, thus adaptable to your application and saving energy.

The separation screens– standard with holes 2 to 8 mm – are easy to change and easy to clean. All parts that are in contact with the product are made from stainless steel. For easy connections, all inlets and outlets are compatible with JACOB pipe system.

The latest generation of TK-K classifiers have a new screening deck for improved screening performance and fulfill the needs for masterbatch applications. An automatic tapper unit frees off-spec pellets and debris stuck in the screening deck. The pneumatic tapper actuator can be individually adjusted via a cycle timer and is an optional item for the pellet classifier. The tapper impulse smoothly frees blocked holes in the screening deck and permits pellets to continue their movement.

Pellet Classifier TK-K

The Trendelkamp TK-K pellet classifier was developed in direct response to customer requirements. Our virtually maintenance free construction allows for efficient and reliable classification of grain sizes. The systems can be designed for separating overs/goods or overs/fines/goods.

Datasheet TK-K

Pellet Classifier – SRV

SRV screeners are separating oversized pellets in one stage and are a cost effective alternative to the TK-K-systems for lower throughput ranges. The SRV has a compact design and is equipped with an AC speed drive for variable speed control.


Main Features:

  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy cleaning

ips screens are used for screening out undersized and oversized pellets.
They can be used for a number of types of plastic.
We supply screens to match your application as stand-alone device or integrated into the machine sub -frame (SG-E 60 / 110).


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply to operate
  • Single or double decker