Polymer Melt Mixers

For many years now, static mixers have been used to homogenise polymer melts, ideally in combination with melt pumps.
Reduced pulsations and improved thermal homogeneity are leading to a significantly higher quality of the melt and much higher contouring accuracy of the final products.
The new Fluitec CSE-XB/4 and CSE-XC/6 melt mixers are short, with a length of just 2D to 4D, and have a much smaller pressure drop than conventional melt mixers despite their very high mixing efficiency.

The extra-rigid design enables high-viscosity polymers to be processed at high throughputs.
The compact and rugged construction allows operating pressures of up to 500 bar and pressure drops of 100 bar.
The homogeneous melt temperature, constant discharge volume and homogeneous viscosity distribution which can be achieved using a Fluitec melt mixer are immediately

The staining quality is simultaneously improved, so that the costs for dye are reduced by up to 25%. Thanks to the homogeneous melt, it is possible
to reduce the melt temperature, leading to further quality improvements in the extruded product.

Static Mixers are successfully used to compound polymer melts for many years now. The mikromakro-technology means the use of different numbers of cross-bars, in order to allow the use of optimised static mixing elements in relation to energy consumption and investment costs.
These factors are of especial interest in plants with high through-put rates. Static mixers from Fluitec are most suitable for plastics such as PLA, PP, PE, PP, PC, PET, PS, SAN, ABS, PMMA and PA.