Laboratory Size Continuous Recycle Reactor

Fume Hood Size Reactor for Fundamental Research

Use the Fluitec PFRR (Plug Flow Recycle Reactor) to do fundamental research on your reactions.
With the results we can help you develop a continuous reaction system on production scale.

System Properties:

  • Fume Hood Size Reactor
  • Small Reactor Volume (11ml)
  • Plug Flow properties in the loop
  • Viscosities upto 2.000 mPas
  • Stainless steel (SS316L/Ti) or Hastelloy (C-22/C-4) wetted parts
  • High heat transfer
  • CSTR properties at high recycle rates
  • Temperatures -40°C upto 250°C
  • Measure and record the reaction kinetics

All you need is the enthalpy of reaction and the batch dose rate of your semi-batch process.

The Fluitec PFRR is available for testing now.