The specialist for chocolate and sweets

iLOBE with integrated heat exchanger

Small Premium Edition

As an evolution of the conventional rotary lobe pump LC the iLOBE is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger for which IPP Pump Products GmbH holds a patent. This makes the iLobe very suitable for handling temperature sensitive products like Chocolate and Sweets.

Additional strengths:

  • complies with highest hygienic standard
  • free of residues after CIP/SIP
  • modular structure for handling of options
  • increase of the passive security due to higher performance reserve
  • screwable heatings (heat exchanger)
  • various rotor options
  • non-corrosive exterior

Technical concept

Our pumps open up new vistas

The contactless running of the pumping elements of rotary lobe pumps opens up important vistas: On the one hand the perfect suitability for hygienic applications as abrasion and product contamination can be fully eliminated and on the other hand the non-wearing of the conveying elements when pumping clean liquids. These attributes result in minimum life cycle cost. The contactless running of the pumping elements is guaranteed while maintaining the full capacity.

This poses a challenge to the designing of the gearbox. The external bearing of rotary lobe pumps must enable the pump to hold the rotor almost concentric and on the axial level centric in the rotor case in nearly all operation situations.

However, the non-contact of the pumping elements is contradictory to the capacity. The gaps which are essential for the non-contact allow a return-flow of the pumped medium from the pressure side to the inlet site. This return-flow through the gap is called “slip” which becomes noticeable mainly when pumping low-viscous media and cares for a cleaning without residues of the internal components of the rotary lobe pump.

Mechanical aspects

Ensure contactless running of the pumping elements

  1. Bending of the shaft due to differential pressure:

    The bearing and the shafts of the iLobe-gearbox are designed for a minimum shaft bending which means that all models can be operated with fully contactless pumping elements at thet indicated differential pressures. And that with a high volumetric effect, i.e. with small gaps. Differential pressures up to 40 bar at cold commissioning and up to 80 bar with product can be reached. Corresponding pressure resistant housing parts, as for example connectors are chosen in accordance with the requirements.

  2. Different temperature strains of the single components:

    The selection of material for the components and their dimensions guarantee that the PREMIUMLOBE can run without restrictions during the CIP- and SIP-procedure, without risk of blooming at the pump case cover or pump case.

  3. Settlements as well as elastic deformation of the synchronisation gearbox:

    Through a new combination of force and form locking the synchronizer gear wheels are safe against settlements and loss of timing. This ensures the perfect functioning of the pump on a long term. The gearbox housings are torsion proof.

Hygiene is its strength

Free of residues through self cleaning (CIP / SIP)

For important operating situations the characteristic slip of the centrifugal and rotary lobe pump is a most welcome side effect as the slip significantly ensures a cleaning function if all pump elements to be cleaned – from the rotor screw to the mechanical seal – are arranged in this flow path. Front loaded mechanical seals (integrated to the rotor) and plane housing covers, both are standard equipment at the iLobe, are imperative conditions for a cleaning without residues (CIP/SIP). Due to its innovative gearbox design the iLobe can run during the CIP/SIP-procedure, even with high temperature changes. The active running of the pump during the cleaning process is imperative for an effective CIP procedure as otherwise the slip volume flow which is important for the cleaning effect, wouldn’t arise.