Helicoil Reactor (spiral tube reactor)

Spiral Reactor / Heat-Exchanger for research and small production with scale-up possibilities.

 The helical coil reactor has already established itself in numerous organic chemistry laboratories as the simplest flow reactor. Most of them are self-built constructions, which are difficult to reproduce and are hardly representable in models. 

The spiral tube reactor from Fluitec, on the other hand, has clearly defined tube and spiral diameters, as well as heights of the spirals. This exact design allows real model-based simulations, such as CFD calculations, and allows the investigation of actual internal flow conditions and heat transfer. Thus, this spiral tube reactor has excellent prerequisites for designing a safe scale-up.

The heatable helical tube is available in the highly corrosion resistant Hastelloy C-22 and stainless steel 316L as standard. A helical tube in Hastelloy is available in the diameters 3.18 x … mm to 19.05 x 1.65 mm. The coil diameter and the pitch are individually defined according to the fluid and reaction properties. In addition, the HTM connections can be chosen customized, whereby M16 x 1 or M24 x 1.5 will be used as standard connections.

The spiral tube is also suitable as preheater or cooler for the continuous reaction calorimeter.

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