Fluitec Dosing Pump

Dosing Pump for wide range of applications from 1 upto 200 ml/min


Fluitec dosing pump ZRP-200-15-3

The Fluitec gear pump is particularly suitable for applications in the Contiplant systems to handle dosing rates in the range of 1 ml/min up to 200 ml/min at viscosities up to 200 mPas. Despite the integration of the motorcontroller, the pump is very compact, an external controller is not necessary. The pump has a magnetic coupling, so that motor and pump are separated from each other and therefore no seals between motor and pump are necessary. On the front side are the process connections, which are designed as 6 mm tube fitting connections.


Pumps in laboratory applications are spare and wear parts. Why?
In laboratory operation with Contiplant systems, normally, numerous chemical processes are tested.
It is not always known how the chemical reactions behave in continuous operation.

Poor lubricating properties, misplaced storage, solids, precipitation, crystallization and corrosion can destroy a laboratory pump very quickly. The failure of a dosing pump often leads to longer delays, which generates additional costs. Fluitec has therefore decided to develop a hermetically sealed pump with excellent dosing characteristics, which covers 90% of all dosing tasks in Contiplant systems. In addition, the magnetically coupled, high-precision pump was manufactured using only high-quality materials such as 1.4404, PEEK and FFKM. Even use in Ex zones is possible with the appropriate approvals. Besides the amazing price-performance ratio, the pump is in stock and available worldwide within 3 days.

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