CONTIPLANT – Half-Shell Reactor

For Process development of polymerizations or reactions with chemical substances which are prone to crystallization, a tubular reactor is usually
not suitable, because of the risk of blockage of the reactor when working under harsh process conditions.

However, with the Fluitec Contiplant LAB half-shell reactor, a gelation or crystallization in the reactor can be risked, because the four plates can be easily detached from each other, so that the access to the mixing section is open and the mixing elements can be easily removed.

In addition, the gelation or crystallization can be visually localized and correlated to the axial temperature profile.

The temperable half-shell reactor can be manufactured with an inner diameter of 8 to 15.8 mm.
Designs with smaller diameters are available on request.

If required, the mixing elements and the inside of the tube can be designed with for example a non-stick coating.

Furthermore, standard Contiplant connections, pressure and axial temperature sensors as well as Contiplant tubular reactors can be combined with the halfshell

Moreover, several Contiplant LAB half-shell reactors can be piled up compactly.

Technical data

–Temperature range: -15 °C … 250 °C*
–max. system pressure: 60 bar*
–Material: 1.4404 / 1.4571 / FFPM*
–Mixer: CSE-X
–Weight: approx. 20 kg

* higher pressure, temperatures and alternative materials available on request.