Flow-Connect Lab

Control your flow - accurate and easy Available in both Table Top and Industrial enclosure

Control your Flow

The Flowlink Flow-Connect is an easy to use flow controller. It can be used to control almost any pump-flowmeter combination. Besides pump control it also has the ability to register additional sensor signals, like pressure of temperature. The standard Flow-Connect is suitable for connecting 1 pump, 1 flowmeter and 1 additional sensor. More complex flow-control is available on request.

Control functions

The Flow-Connect has 4 standard flow control functions.

  • Pump Controller – 0 – 100% pump
  • Flow Controller – flowmeter controlled flow
  • Batch Controller – batch dosing
  • Additional Sensor Controller – eq. pressure or temperature control

Pump  Controller

In this mode the pump speed can be controller between 0-100% output. Any connected sensors, like flowmeters or pressure sensors will show their corresponding value. The picture on the left shows the pump setpoint and the corresponding flow rate and system pressure. The box in the top right corner shows the actual values and the graph shows the data of the last minute. When required the data can be logged to a .csv file.

Flow Controller

In Flow Controller mode the pump and flowmeter can communicate to reach a required flow value. After the required set value is entered and the sequence is started the integrated PID controller will start the pump. Based on the feed back from the flowmeter the system will adjust the pump speed to reach the required value. Please check out the video on the right for an impression.

Batch Controller

With the Batch Controller function the system can be used to dose a preset volume. The system can be auto -restarted to repeat the sequence. The flow rate and dosing volume can be easily set through the menu.


Other Sensor Control

The system is also able to control a certain other sensor. This can for instance be a pressure control system. the pump speed will be adjusted to reach a certain system pressure.

For cooling systems a temperature control system  can also be realized. Dependent on the system temperature the pump speed is adjusted to keep a system on a constant temperature.

Pump Connection

Power Consumption: 24 VDC (max. 3A)
Speed Control: 0-10 Volt / 4-20 mA / Modbus (option)

Flowmeter Connection
Power Connection: 24VDC
Signal Connection: Pulse / 0-10 volt / 4-20mA / Modbus (option)

Other Sensor Connection
Power Connection: 24 VDC
Signal Connection: 0-10 volt / 4-20 mA / Modbus (option)