EXTRU – Extrusion Gear Pump

The reliable extrusion gear pump for standard applications or customized for difficult processes

The EXTRU is mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders. It reduces the natural pulsation and irregular conveyance, particularly in single-screw extruders, added to which, the build up of pressure in the gear pump is more efficient in comparison to the extruder. Because of this, less energy or heat is transferred into the polymer and the product is conveyed in a gentler manner. The EXTRU is indispensable for the manufacture of precision films or micro granulate.

The robust construction and low wear materials make the EXTRU indispensable for extrusions. Special versions are available for conveying natural rubber and soft PVC. The WITTE quick colour change version lends itself particularly to master batch applications with frequent changes of colour.

In order to prevent the pump’s drive shaft from being driven/pushed out of the housing when there is a high pressure on the suction side (extruder conveying pressure), the drive shaft must be relieved. It protrudes from both sides of the housing and is sealed, so that atmospheric pressure predominates on both sides of the drive shaft. The shaft is thus relieved.

HousingHeat resistant carbon steel, e.g. 1.6582 · rust-free stainless steel 1.4313 · with optional coating
GearsTool steel · nitrated steel · special steel · with optional surface coating · helical gearing · herringbone gearing (for extremely low-pulsation conveyance)
Friction BearingsTool steel · NiAg (nickel-silver) · Al-bronze · special materials · with optional surface coating
Shaft SealViscoseal · stuffing box ·
Heating SystemsElectrically, by means of heating cartridges · optional cover heating
ViscosityUp to 40.000 Pas
TemperatureUp to 400°C (752°F)
Inlet PressureVacuum up to max. 120 bar (1740 psig)
Differential PressureUp to 250 bar (3625 psig)
Pump SizesFrom 22/22 (4.7 cm3/U – 10 kg/h) up to 280/280 (12000 cm3/U).
Intermediate sizes, with narrower gear wheels for higher differential pressure, are possible, e.g. 140/90 (690 cm3/U).