Discontinuous Screen Changer TSA/TSD/TASD

Discontinuous Screen Changer with or without integrated diverter valve

Discontinuous Screen Changer

These robust systems are utilized when low levels of contaminants are present in the polymer and also whenever production interruptions for a screen change are acceptable.

Available in 3 executions:

  • TSA – the quick connector
  • TSD – the industry standard
  • TASD – the single diverter

TSA – The quick connector


  • One screen cavity
  • Simple and adaptable design
  • Quick connector mechanism for easy access


  • Extrusion
  • Melt pump protection
  • Low contaminate applications

Datasheet TSA

TSD – The single industry standard


  • One screen cavity
  • Easy hand lever control
  • Short and straight flow channel geometry


  • Suitable for nearly all extruded materials
  • Compounding, Granulation, Polymerization, Sheet, Pipe, HMA

Datasheet TSD