D24-series dosing pumps

Flowlink D24-Series pump, compact design with outstanding performance


The D24 dosing pumps are executed with a programable brushless DC motor, making the pumps suitable for application from 250 up to 4.000 RPM.
Speed control can be done via the 0-10 volt connection.
The motor control electronics are integrated in the motor.
The compact design make the pumps suitable for use in space-limited enclosures.



HousingStainless steel • titanium • hastelloy
GearsPeek • PPS • PTFE
Friction BearingsPeek • PPS • PTFE
Shaft SealMagnetic coupling
Special executionFDA approved elastomers
ViscosityUp to 2.000 mPas
TemperatureFrom -50 up to 175°C (-58 - 347°F)
Inlet PressureVacuum to max 34,5 bar (500 psig)
Differential PressureUp to 17 bar (246 psig)
Pump SizesFrom .11 to 2.3
  • Additive dosing
  • Batch dosing
  • Fluid transfer
  • Fluid Circulation
  • Spraying
  • Pressurizing