CONTIPLANT – Continuous Reactions System

Test complete continuous reactions on lab scale.

The Fluitec Contiplant system makes it quite simple to test complete continuous reactions on lab scale. By combining several different building blocks it is easy to adapt the process to the optimal configuration. Injection points, pressure and temperature measurements can be installed on several locations within the system for excellent reaction control. The modular design makes the systems very flexible.

Continuous reactions

Continuous reactions processes offer significant advantages over batch oriented processes.

  • Maximum reaction control
  • Stabile process parameters
  • Consistant product characeristics and quality
  • Minimal installation space
  • Small reaction volume
  • Less maintenance and cleaning
  • No ‘dead spots’
  • Scalable

The system properties make the Contiplant system suitable for various reactions.

  • No ‘dead spots’
  • Excellent ‘plug flow’ properties -> good residence time distribution
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Process temperatures ranging from -60 to 300°C
  • Flows with Reynolds numbers from < 1 tot > 10.000
  • Viscosity upto 1.000 Pas
  • System pressures upto 100 bar (standard, higher pressures on request)
  • Throughputs from ±0,5 to 50 kg/hr (scalable to >5ton/hr)

The Fluitec Conitplant system is constructed with stacable mixing elements which can lead to an endless reactor. The elements are filled with either static mixers or mixer heat-exchangers. In that way the correct surface to volume ratio can be reached. The modules are available in 500 and 1000mm modules. By selecting the correct modules the residence time can be influenced. In this way the system can be optimized for each chemical reaction process. The mixer-heat-exchangers can be used to add or remove the required (reaction) heat. The diameters vary from ø6 to ø32 mm.

Residence time distribution

Due to the ‘plug flow’ properties of the static mixers a good residence time distribution is gauranteed.
This ensures  stable reaction parameters and constant product properties. Since the product has the same residence time the yield can be higher than in batch processes. The residence time distribution can be epressed in the Bodenstein number. The higher this number the better the resedence time distribution.

Modular construction

The modular design makes it possible to shape the Contiplant system to each requested reaction process. Fast reactions may take place in a singel module, whereas slow reactions can use residence time reactors to complete the transformation.  Cascade reactions are also possible. For experimental research or very high exothermic reactions loop reactors can offer a solution. The bolt-on principle of the system makes it always possible to change the process lay-out.

Processes which have been succesfully supplied are liquid-gas reactions, low viscosity liquid-liquid reactions and high viscosity reactions (polymerisation reactions).