Micro Pomp


Magnetically coupled pump head and motor; no shaft seal or wetted motor components.

M-Series pumps are ideally suited for higher-end, reliability-focused systems requiring the highest life and performance, as well as difficult or unique fluids. Common applications include R&D testing, space propulsion and fueling, cytometry/chromatography, medical/pharmaceutical equipment, etc. Features include: magnetically coupled pump head and motor; no shaft seal or wetted motor components; coreless and brushless motor configurations, w/ full range of encoders, gearboxes, controllers, etc.; widest range of flow capabilities, from µL dosing to 2.5 L/min; compatible with water, alcohols, solvents, fuels/propellants, oils, glycols, and much more; highest pressure capabilities, up to 70 bar with some models and fluids

Flow RateUp to 1505 ml/min.
Diff. Pressure24,1 bar
Fluid Temp.-30 - 100°C
Weight255 grams
Std. Port SizeM3x0,5 threads / 1/8" Compression Fittings (NPT Ports)
Std. Voltage12V (X02)
Permissable FluidsLight & Heavy Fuels/Oils (e.g. Kerosene)
Control OptionsOpen-Loop (Voltage), Closed-Loop (RPM/Current)
  • UAVs
  • Fuel Cells
  • Instrumentation
  • Laboratory Experiments
  • Medical
  • Aerospace