Heating / Cooling

Fluitec CSE-XR® Mixer Heat-Exchanger: Reliable temperature conditioning of viscous media

The design of the mixer heat-exchanger equates to a combination of a static mixer and a multitube heat exchanger in which a highly viscous product on the shell side flows through the static mixer. The advantages of these two distinct systems are aggregated for use at laminar flow.

Since the design is consistently based on the geometry of the CSE-X – the most efficient mixer type of all – excellent homogeneity, a narrow residence time distribution and a uniform shear field over the cross-sectional area are guaranteed along the entire length of the apparatus. The very high radial mixing efficiency constantly ensures an intensive flow against the internal heat transferring tubes integrated in the mixing element. Far more heat is transferred than with heat exchanger arrangements with no internal elements (e.g. monotube heat exchangers, where the tubes have a double shell). From a fluid dynamics viewpoint, the heat transferring tubes are ideally positioned in the mixing element; this is very important since it facilitates the exceptionally compact design.

Mixer heat-exchangers can be designed without any dead spots and make perfect tube reactors.