12Oct 2018


The new Fluitec Puls Reactor has excellent self-cleaning properties while retaining the narrow residence time distribution.
The Fluitec Static Mixer Reactors have excellent residence time distribution but for some harsh applications the low flow zones can form a threat.

With the new Puls Reactor system the low flow zones no longer have negative effects on the product.
The Fluitec Puls Reactor is recommended for applications such as radical polymerization, emulsion polymerization, crystallization and processes leading to fouling.


18Sep 2018

Niedernberg, 17.09.2018.

Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG in Niederberg/Germany recently extended its range of customised strand pelletizing systems by underwater pelletizing systems.

The first two systems of the type ips-UWG 75 S have now been put into operation at “Delta Kunststoffe AG” in Weeze on the
Lower Rhine. Delta Kunststoffe AG specialises in colour master batches, electrically conductive plastics, additive batches and special compounds. As an experienced compound contract manufacturer, Delta also produces respective products in accordance with customer specifications. The independent compound manufacturer already uses several conventional strand pelletizing
systems from ips for its product range.

“The innovative approach of the ips underwater pelletizing systems such as the pelletizer’s swivel system or the simple change of the cutter hub had us convinced. And the extremely clear layout and user-friendliness of the control design is a great boost for our machine operators. Another important aspect for us is that ips took the userspecific demands we make on the machine into consideration without restrictions and implemented these,” says Manfred Fiedler, Operations Manager at Delta Kunststoffe AG, explaining why the company chose ips once

The ips-UWG 75 S is suitable for the production of spherical pellets of thermoplastic material in raw material production, the master batch and compounding industry and for recycling plants. ips not only supplies the actualpelletizing unit, it provides the complete pelletizing system, comprising melt pump, screen changer, start-up valve, die plate with pelletizing unit, process
water system and pellet dryer. “From individual components through to complete solutions, the modular design of our systems both for strand pelletizing and for underwater pelletizing offer our customers a huge degree of flexibility. Customers get exactly the system they need,” explains Gerald Weis, owner and managing director of ips.

About ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG based in Niedernberg near Aschaffenburg/Germany is one of the few companies which manufactures both strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing systems. It has been supplying system solutions for the polymer, compounding, master batch and recycling industries for
almost 20 years now. The owner-managed company has put more than 1,000 machines and systems into operation the world over. (

08Feb 2018

Niedernberg, 09.02.2018. In December 2017, the 1000th system left the production hall at ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (Niedernberg near Aschaffenburg). The ips-SGU 120/2 HS, a highly innovative underwater strand pelletizing system, will start operation in the 1st quarter of 2018 at Märkische Faser GmbH in Premnitz. With it, high-quality plastic pellets are to be produced from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) residues.


“The fact that we can celebrate a special event with the commissioning of the 1000th systems in the 20th year of our company’s existence makes us proud and shows that we are going along the right path“, says ips proprietor Gerald Weis.

Innovative Kunststoffveredelungs GmbH (IKV), an affiliate of Märkische Faser GmbH, already has a number of conventional strand pelletizing systems from ips in use for manufacture of PET masterbatches. “The proven expertise, the system designed perfectly to match our requirements and the high degree of flexibility make ips an important and reliable partner for us“, is the reason Jörg Bellon, Technical Director at IKV and Head of Engineering at Märkische Faser GmbH, gives for the repeated decision in favour of ips.

The challenge

With PET plastic residues from Märkische Faser’s own production processes such as pure melt waste, cast waste from the fibre spinning process, fibre waste from fibre treatment and PET plastic waste from trade and industry in an uncontaminated condition, high-quality PET pellets are to be obtained again.

As a matter of principle, PET is produced in direct esterification with a downstream pre-polycondensation and a polycondensation with separation of water. For most technical applications, the PET contains a certain intrinsic viscosity.

In processing and in particular in recycling, PET however tends to store water and other substances in its crystalline structure due to diffusion. By melting and extruding the PET mass, these stored residues of dirt and water are carried deep into the material. The consequence is that a drop in viscosity takes place at the end of these process steps.

Therefore it is important that these disturbing points are distilled out of the PET melt so that the degree of purity of the PET is increased by the decontamination and the PET achieves the intrinsic viscosity of its former quality of manufacture.

Under the motto of upcycling instead of recycling, Märkische Faser GmbH is going down new paths in the processing of PET plastic residues. On the basis of a new system technology, Märkische Faser will be marketing the pellets under the name of “p-eternity” with its sales partner IKV.

The solution

The ips-SGU 120/2 HS has been specifically adapted and coordinated to the specific conditions of underwater strand pelletizing of R-PETs (recycling PETs) with all its components. The years of experience and the extensive know-how of ips in this area can also be seen in the construction and the design of the system. This includes the strand feeds with the rounded start-up head and flexibly adjustable extrusion heights as well as the hinged spraying nozzle unit for a simple and fast access to the cutting head. The constancy of the cutting gap, which is particularly demanded for this process, is achieved by the robust cutting head and further intelligent solutions with a simple adjustability. All the system components such as the process water system with the belt filter unit and pellet dryer have been fitted on a common machine frame. This guarantees simple positioning and fast commissioning.

“Alongside the system per se, which provides precision and maximum output alike, the personal contact and the after-sales support are of great importance for us”, says Bastian Lantzsch, head of p-eternity production at Märkische Faser GmbH. “If we have a question, we get an answer quickly and above all solutions. Replacement parts are supplied without delay, which means that the machine practically never stands still.” Parallel to production, ips in Niedernberg also has a large warehouse for replacement parts and parts subject to wear. Directly after ordering, the parts which are needed are dispatched and are where they are needed the next day at the latest.

“Thanks to our flat hierarchy and as an owner-managed enterprise, we are close to customers. If they call, they get their contact partner directly – without diversions”, is how Gerald Weis explains the ips success concept.

As a result of the modular product systems, ips can concern itself with the customers’ individual wishes. as is the case for Märkische Faser GmbH, and coordinate the systems “customized” precisely according to requirements. ips offers the complete pelletizing system, comprising a strand feed, the process water distribution, the actual underwater strand pelletizer, after-cooling line with agglomerate separator and water-jet pump, pellet dryer, process water system and complete controls. With the ergonomic ips operator guide, the entire system is controlled via a graphic touch screen. Automatic starting and stopping by pressing a button is also possible.

02Jun 2017

Intelligent Pelletizing Systems (ips) and Trendelkamp have found a new distributor for the Benelux.
Flowlink BV which already supplies Witte polymer processing and melt pumps for extrusion applications now provides:

  • Polymer Processing and Melt Pumps
  • Strand and Underwater Pelletizing Systems
  • Melt Filters / Screen Changers
  • Melt Mixers and Heat Exchangers
  • Diverter valves
  • Extruder Degassing systems
  • Mixing silo’s
  • And more….

Flowlink owner Johannes Schakel;

“With the ips and Trendelkamp products we add a large scope of delivery for the extrusion and compounding market.
Furthermore we keep true to our philosophy of personal contact and short communication lines.
Similar to our other representations, ips and Trendelkamp are privately owned companies.
These companies have been around for more than 20 years with long term objectives which make them reliable and trustworthy equipment suppliers. We are looking forward to support our clients in the polymerisation, extrusion & compounding market with these new products.”

Contact us for more information

05Sep 2016

Micro Gear Pump manufacturer Flight Works Inc. and Flowlink BV have signed a sales agreement. Flowlink BV, a supplier of industrial equipment will start European sales of the micro gear pumps.

The Flight Works high performance micro gears pumps find their origin in aviation and aerospace applications but can nowadays be found in all kinds of industrial applications ranging from food and beverage to aggressive chemical handling. The pumps are engineered and built in Irivine, California, USA.

Johannes Schakel from Flowlink: “The High Performance Mirco Gear Pumps from Flight Works complement our current delivery program. The demand for high performance micro pumps has grown rapidly in the last years. In Flight Works we have found a partner which can meet this demand and the requirements our clients expect from our products.”

30Sep 2015

At Flowlink we supports our clients in the transition towards continuous flow systems for chemical and polymerization reactions. Continuous processes have multiple advantages over batch processes. It has been difficult to do scalable changeover tests on laboratory scale. The Fluitec Contiplant system makes these small scale tests on possible. The modular reactor system can be used for fundamental research, as well as actual productions on small scales (<50kg/hr). Continue reading