About Us

At Flowlink Process Solutions, we don’t just build pumps – we engineer comprehensive dosing and mixing systems.
Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they are thoughtfully designed to fit the precise needs of each client. In a typical dosing system, you’ll find one or more (custom-made) pumps, each controlled by a precision flow controller.
The systems are mounted in frames designed to fit seamlessly into the space our clients have available.

When it comes to mixing systems, we leverage our expertise in fluid mechanics, bringing together two or more flow-controlled pumps and a high-efficiency Fluitec static mixer.
This combination ensures optimal process control and results, regardless of the complexity of the application.

With Flowlink Process Solutions, you’re choosing more than a product.
You’re opting for a tailored solution, a perfect synergy between technology, innovation, and understanding of your specific needs.