Continuous reaction systems have numerous advantages over batch processes like for instance: smaller reaction volume, safer operation, more stable reaction parameters and higher yields. When you have decided that your reaction process might benefit from these advantages you stumble upon various challenges which need to be addressed. How will the reaction behave in a continuous flow system? Are we able to measure and control the local heat production? Can we ensure stable mixing parameters and how do we avoid ‘dead spots’? Can we test our process against low investment costs? Exactly these questions can be answered with the Fluitec Loop systems.

Reveal the reaction kinetics

The Fluitec Loop combines ‘plug flow’ regime, excellent mixing conditions and high heat transfer throughout the system. The smartly placed temperature probes, constantly measure the heat production within the system. Together with the recirculation and dosing flow rates this information can be used to reveal the reaction kinetics of even highly exothermic reactions.

Intended use

The Fluitec loop reactor, type RR-11-HC with a reactor volume V = 11 ml, is basically used to check the feasibility of a process and determine the reaction kinetics. It is normally operated as an isothermal reactor with high recycle rates for this purpose. In principle, the reactor can also be operated as a PFRR with low recycle rates.

System parameters

Max. pressure: 100 bar
Temperature: -40 tot +250°C
Materials: SS316L/Ti – Hastelloy C-22/C-4

Feel free to contact us and find out what this system could mean for your reaction process.