At Flowlink we supports our clients in the transition towards continuous flow systems for chemical and polymerization reactions. Continuous processes have multiple advantages over batch processes. It has been difficult to do scalable changeover tests on laboratory scale. The Fluitec Contiplant system makes these small scale tests on possible. The modular reactor system can be used for fundamental research, as well as actual productions on small scales (<50kg/hr).

Fundamental research

In order to make a successful conversion possible, we often need to convert an existing batch reaction into a continuous flow regime. This requires a deep understanding of the reaction kinetics since we need to control both, the mixing efficiency and the heat transfer at the same time. Is for instance the reaction kinetically limited or is the reaction limited by mass transfer? The Fluitec Contiplant loop-system can be used to understand the reaction properties to make a safe change over to a full continuous flow system.

Small scale production

When the reaction properties are known, the Contiplant system can be used for first small scale production tests up to approx. 50kg/hr. The system can be tested to discover the influences of for instance of temperature, pressure, flow rate and residence time on the product properties at the continuous operation. This enables a thorough insight in the system operating window for full scale production.

Full scale production

The scalable nature of the Contiplant system enables the user to safely convert the lab or pilot plant to full production capacity. Scale-up ratios of 1000 have been successfully realized.
Let’s discover what the Contiplant system can do for your products and your production process.

*Flowlink BV* delivers and supplies systems based on the Fluitec Contiplant system.