Pumps & Systems6

(Micro) Gear Pumps and Complete Pump systems

Static Mixers6

Inline mixers for mixing, dispersing and homogenising liquids and gasses.

Heat Exchangers4

Heat Exchangers for tempering viscous fluids and sterile products.

Flow Control & Dosing3

Accurate Flow Control, Batch Dosing with the Flowlink Flow-Connect.

Melt Pumps & Products6

Pumps and other equipment for (polymer) melt processing

Engineered Systems & Solutions2

Complete Dosing- and Mixing systems, from idea to product.

Continuous Reaction Technology4

From Batch to Continuous Reaction Processes. From initial Lab Scale Testing to actual Production Capacity.

Polymer Processing Pumps4

High Performance Pumps for Polymer and Rubber production and processing



Flowlink specializes in providing customized solutions in the field of pump, mix, continuous reaction and dosing systems. As a result of our broad portfolio, close cooperation with our partners and extensive experience, we can help you find the right solution for your application. Whether it concerns dosing, mixing or continuous reaction technology, Flowlink has the expertise to meet your requirements.

  1. Product Selection and System Design

    Correct product selection and system design are vital to ensure a correct functioning.

  2. Engineered Systems

    We design and deliver custom built systems and installations to meet our clients process requirements.

  3. Mixing and Reaction Technology

    Mix installations and reaction systems

  4. Gear Pumps Spare Parts and Maintenance

    We delivery spare parts and execute maintenace on gear pumps and installations