Chemical Industry

Pumps, mixers, heat-exchangers and systems for the chemical industry

Polymer Production & Processing

Our Products for Polymer Processes include: pumps, mixers, heat-exchangers and reaction systems

Food & Beverage

Pumps, Mixers, Heat-Exchangers and Systems specially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry

Pharma & Medical

Our micro pumps offer a powerful combination of performance, precision, and quality required by applications in the medical, analytical, and laboratory markets.

Rubber Industry

The rubber industry has special requirements regarding strenght (high pressures) and temperature increase.

PU Foam Production

We develop and supply serveral product specially for the PU Foam Industry


Pumps for fuel injection and hydraulics in motor sports, yachts, power boats and more.


Micro Gear Pumps for fuel-cells,the production of solar panels, cooling of high performance electronics and more.

Aerospace & Aviation

Micro Gear Pumps for jet and spacecraft propulsion, system hydraulics and cooling applications.