02Jun 2017

Intelligent Pelletizing Systems (ips) and Trendelkamp have found a new distributor for the Benelux.
Flowlink BV which already supplies Witte polymer processing and melt pumps for extrusion applications now provides:

  • Polymer Processing and Melt Pumps
  • Strand and Underwater Pelletizing Systems
  • Melt Filters / Screen Changers
  • Melt Mixers and Heat Exchangers
  • Diverter valves
  • Extruder Degassing systems
  • Mixing silo’s
  • And more….

Flowlink owner Johannes Schakel;

“With the ips and Trendelkamp products we add a large scope of delivery for the extrusion and compounding market.
Furthermore we keep true to our philosophy of personal contact and short communication lines.
Similar to our other representations, ips and Trendelkamp are privately owned companies.
These companies have been around for more than 20 years with long term objectives which make them reliable and trustworthy equipment suppliers. We are looking forward to support our clients in the polymerisation, extrusion & compounding market with these new products.”

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05Sep 2016

Micro Gear Pump manufacturer Flight Works Inc. and Flowlink BV have signed a sales agreement. Flowlink BV, a supplier of industrial equipment will start European sales of the micro gear pumps.

The Flight Works high performance micro gears pumps find their origin in aviation and aerospace applications but can nowadays be found in all kinds of industrial applications ranging from food and beverage to aggressive chemical handling. The pumps are engineered and built in Irivine, California, USA.

Johannes Schakel from Flowlink: “The High Performance Mirco Gear Pumps from Flight Works complement our current delivery program. The demand for high performance micro pumps has grown rapidly in the last years. In Flight Works we have found a partner which can meet this demand and the requirements our clients expect from our products.”

30Sep 2015

At Flowlink we supports our clients in the transition towards continuous flow systems for chemical and polymerization reactions. Continuous processes have multiple advantages over batch processes. It has been difficult to do scalable changeover tests on laboratory scale. The Fluitec Contiplant system makes these small scale tests on possible. The modular reactor system can be used for fundamental research, as well as actual productions on small scales (<50kg/hr). Continue reading